Creative Writing Workshop 2. Overcoming self-Doubt and Procrastination. image

15 June 2019 09:30am - 15 June 2019 12:30 PM

Location: Albany Public Library, 221 York Street, Albany Western Australia 6330

Price: $30 (or $50 if attending both) Students: $20

Contact Name: Albany Public Library

Contact Email:

This three hour workshop will benefit writers who struggle with establishing and maintaining a regular writing practice   and is aimed at all levels including early ventures into a writing career through to established authors.

This interactive workshop will delve deep into the thoughts and feelings that hold us back from achieving our potential as writers, such as self-doubt, fear of rejection/criticism, procrastination, perfectionism, lack or resilience and/or staying power.

Annabel will help writers to:

            • Understand the beliefs which hold you back from achieving your potential as a writer.
            • Become familiar with strategies and frameworks for overcoming self-limiting beliefs and    behaviours around writing.

Additionally, you will be able to practice with tools that empower you to continue to build confidence and pro-activity on an ongoing basis.

Registrations essential - register online or by calling 08 6820 3600.