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New books for beginner and struggling readers

Date:9 January 2017 16:49 PM

The Library was recently presented with a touching letter and very kind gift from a local family to add to our collection.  Sage and her family organised a ‘Fun Raising’ event to equip the library with new Dandelion Launchers and Magic Belt Series.

These books are a series of exciting phonic readers particularly suitable for beginner readers and those who need extra support when learning to read, including children with dyslexia.

The library also has books for older readers by award winning authors in dyslexia friendly versions.  Come and ask our friendly staff to help you locate these books.

Thank you Sage, I am sure there will be many children and parents very grateful for your effort!  To see Sage’s beautiful letter Click Here

You might also find this UK website useful with loads of other fantastic titles available.