Inter-Library Loans Changes - Frequently Asked Questions image

16 July 2018


Is there an ILL Loan limit?

There is no ILL loan limit per borrower per year.


Can we request/lend new items?

Anything 12 months old or less cannot be requested, or loaned.  This includes all categories and formats.  See exceptions below


Can we request/lend DVDs?

DVDs cannot be requested or loaned.  This includes Fiction & Non-fiction DVDs.  See exceptions below.


Can we request/lend Junior items?

JF and JK items cannot be requested or loaned.


Can we request/lend YA items?

YA items cannot to be requested or loaned
 (See exceptions below)


Can we request/lend Audio material? 

(i.e. CD or MP3 audiobooks/talking books.)

Audio material cannot be requested or loaned.  See exceptions below.


Can we request/lend languages other than English (LOTE) material?

LOTE items are exempted from the restrictions.  They can be requested and loaned regardless of age.


Are there other exceptions to these restrictions?

 ·         We can request/lend the following types of material for the given reasons. 

·         These reasons MUST be outlined when material is requested


Graphic Novels more than 12 months old (Adult & YA)

Because of space & cost required, no library can keep full series of these.  ILL is a way to share these resources.


DVDs more than 12 months old


·         required for education purposes

·         not available for purchase any longer

·         DVD series where extensiveness of series is cost-prohibitive (ie. long-running TV shows)



Large Print & Audio more than 12 months old

For Housebound customers who require these special formats.


Relevant formats for people with Disabilities

Access to information for people with disabilities in a format that will enable them to access the information as readily as other people are able to access it - as per Disability Service Regulations 2004.