Paws for Reading

Tuesday 10th December 2019

Reading with Dogs!

Bring a favourite book to read or choose one in the Library.  Develop reading confidence while reading with Dogs.

Great for children struggling with reading, children who need to build reading confidence and children with Dyslexia.

Why dogs? I hear you ask.  Dogs don't judge, they won't interrupt the flow of reading even when there is a mistake, Dogs are great listeners and can reduce stress, embarrassment and anxiety of reading to others.

Three tips for children from the dogs:

  • Choose an easy book to read with me
  • We love to be patted while you read to us
  • I might look sleepy but that's how I listen

Book a session by calling 08 6820 3600.


Contact: Dora Adeline

Organisation: Albany Public Library

Position: Youth Services Librarian

Phone: 08 6820 3600


Event Date(s)

  • Tuesday 10th December 2019

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