There Will Come Soft Rains


Read by Gemma Cavoli

‘Bridge tables sprouted from patio walls. Playing cards fluttered onto pads in a shower of pips. Martinis manifested on an oaken bench with egg-salad sandwiches. Music played.' 

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The story concerns a household in Allendale, California, in the aftermath of a nuclear war.

Ray Douglas Bradbury, American novelist, short story writer, essayist, playwright, screenwriter and poet
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Thank you so much for sharing Ray Bradbury’s There Will Come Soft Rains, the lovely audio reading by Gemma Cavoli.
Bradbury stories always brim with atmosphere, beauty and horror, and this one is chilling on so many levels, especially given it was published in 1950!
Listeners who enjoyed this may also like Leonard Nimoy’s 1975 reading, which may be found on YouTube.
Thanks again - great selection!