Frequently Asked Questions - Library Reopening

Albany Public Library is pleased to reopen to the public. The State Government has imposed restrictions on facilities reopening, and these will be closely monitored to ensure we are doing our part to protect the public while still providing our services. This page answers the most frequently asked questions. 

Our revised opening hours will be:

Monday - Friday 10.00am - 4.00pm (Subject to final approval)


When is the library reopening?

Monday May 18 at 10.00am.

Why did the library close?

The State Government announced that all Cultural and Art Institutions in Western Australia would close at 12.00pm on Monday March 23. This was part of a nationally consistent approach to reducing instances of the Coronavirus Covid-19.

Why is the library reopening?

Per Phase 2 of the State Government’s roadmap to ease restrictions, libraries are allowed to reopen from Monday May 18 as long as they observe a maximum of 20 patrons in the building at any one time. Existing requirements around social distancing and good hygiene are still in place and the library is expected to quarantine items per guidelines set out by the WA Government. 


What restrictions will apply?

The following:

  • A maximum of 20 patrons in the library at all times. This will be closely monitored.
  • A maximum of 1 visit or 1 hour, whichever comes first. Patrons will be asked to leave at the end of their hour to make room for other library users.
  • The library will be open from Monday – Friday, 10.00am – 4.00pm – these hours are subject to change.
  • Entry will only be possible through the Town Square doors. Exit will only be possible through the Alison Hartman Garden doors.

Strict social distancing measures will be in place. A minimum distance of 2 square metres must be maintained at all times inside the library.

Will computers be available?

There will be 6 computers available to the public. Sessions will be limited to 45 minutes. There will be no extensions.

Sessions must be booked in advance. Sessions start at the top of every hour. No extra time will be granted for a session that is started late.

Will item restrictions apply?

The following item restrictions remain in place:

Not available for loan:

• Items in quarantine
• Items returned the same day

Loan restrictions:

• 10 items for Click & Collect
• 10 items for Home Delivery Service

The normal 20 item loan limit will apply to in-person loans at Albany Public Library.


What services will I be able to access?

The following services will be available when we reopen:

• Public Computers 
• Printing
• Reserves
• Click & Collect
• Customer Service (issues, reservations)

What services will be unavailable?

Until further notice:

• Newspapers will not be available
• Public PC access without a reservation
• Meeting Rooms
• Seating space will be very limited
• A strict 1 hour limit will be imposed.

When will services return to normal?

There are a number of factors that are, presently, unknown. The City of Albany will continue to follow the WA Government’s guidelines as to when facilities reopen and what services those facilities can offer.