Getting to the Library

ACROD Parking

  • There are four ACROD parking bays located in the library carpark at the back of the library.
  • There is an Electric Vehicle charging port in the lower carpark, close to the carpark entry.
  • One ACROD bay is located on York Street (heading north) directly opposite the Albany Visitors Centre, close to the crosswalk.
  • There is a slight gradient from ACROD parking to the pathway, which is relatively smooth.

Accessible Drop-off bays

  • There are set down and pick up bays to the rear of the library car park close to the breezeway.


  • It is approximately 35m from the library carpark to the main entrance of the library along the breezeway.
  • There are three bench seats with armrests located along the breezeway but no hand railings.
  • The surface of the breezeway is smooth.

Moving Around the library 


  • There are two entrances to the library, the main entrance located on the Town Square side, the other entrance on the Alison Hartman Gardens side.
  • Each entrance is accessible via automatic doors that open to a width of 1m. 
  • There are magnetic gates at the two front entrances into the library, the gates have a minimum 1.2m clearance.


  • The library is largely accessible via wheelchair.
  • There is a lift located in the main foyer.
  • There are four UAT toilets in the library building. Three downstairs and one on the first floor.  
  • Step free and level access into the building.
  • The library has allocated two public computers on the ground floor for people with mobility issues.
  • A hearing loop is located in the library's meeting rooms.
  • The library has one seat walker and one wheelchair for visitors to use.
  • Trained Guide or Assistance Dogs are welcome at the library.

    For further information about how the City of Albany supports accessible and inclusive communities please see   Access & Inclusion » City of Albany