Library Policies and Guidelines

Collection Development Policy

The policy provides a framework for the selection, maintenance, weeding and evaluation of the Albany Public Library’s collection. This Collection Development Policy ensures the Albany Public Library’s collection remains vibrant, informative, current, inclusive and sustainable.

Standards of Behaviour

The City of Albany is committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for everyone who enters a library facility or interacts with its services in any capacity. Our Standards of Behaviour are displayed throughout the library.

Public IT Use Policy

Albany Public Library is committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment and equitable access to materials and services for all library users. The purpose of this policy is to outline the obligations and responsibilities of all users of Albany Public Library’s public electronic resources. This policy has been developed in order to provide smart, safe and responsible use of technology within the Library.

Public Internet Access Conditions of Use

We have 14 computers for public use. Access is free for a standard 30 minute session. Staff can offer limited assistance in using the computers and this is subject to demand. The Library also offers free Wi-Fi access. Wi-Fi is available daily from 8am to 8pm. Users are limited to 2 hours or 500mb of data per session. All users must adhere to the Public Internet Access Conditions of Use.

Public Library Services

While the services provided by the Albany Public Library have evolved since its humble beginnings in 1852 so has the legislation and policy that underpins and supports them. West Australian Public Libraries have forged strong partnerships with their local councils, the State Library and, of course, the public they serve through consultation, joint decision making and agreed standards.

One of the great strengths of the West Australian public library system is that a client may access any resource held anywhere in the State. It is free for library clients to request items from any other public library within WA. Library service provision in WA is governed by: 

WA Public Libraries Strategy 2022 – 2026

Library Board of Western Australia Act 1951

Library Board (Conduct of Proceedings) Regulations 1955 

Library Board (State Library) 1956

Library Board (Registered Public Libraries) Regulations 1985 

Copyright in Library Collections

Censorship & Intellectual Freedom

State & Local Government Partnership

The State Library:

  • provides public library collections of catalogued books and other materials, and
  • facilitates the provision of a wide range of information services to the people of Western Australia through a State-wide network of public libraries managed by local government.

State and Local Government Agreement for the Provision of Public Library Services in Western Australia

Until 2015, the provision of public library services in Western Australia was underpinned by a Framework Agreement between State and Local Government and in 2017 the Minister for Culture and the Arts released the WA Public Libraries Strategy to establish strategic priorities for public library service development in Western Australia. With the implementation of these priorities well advanced, both State and Local Government recognise the need for an overarching agreement to define the shared commitment to delivering a responsive and sustainable public library service for all Western Australians.

The State and Local Government Agreement for the Provision of Public Library Services in Western Australia (Public Library Services Agreement) references the State Local Government Agreement (2017) established to guide State and Local Government communication, consultation and governance.

Find the full document here:

State and Local Government Agreement for the Provision of Public Library Services in Western Australia

If you have questions about any of these processes, please contact us.