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Home Energy Audit Kit

Do you have trouble understanding your utility bills? Would you like to learn how to save more energy at home?

If you are concerned about how much energy your electrical appliances are using, Albany Public Library's Home Energy Audit Toolkits will assist you to find practical ways to reduce energy both at home and at your place of work. The kit will also help you better understand your utility bills and how you are being charged for your energy use.

By comparing your current practices with energy efficient ways, you will be able to identify the steps you can take to reduce your energy use. For a typical household this could mean reducing your energy bills by hundreds of dollars every year.

Kits are available to loan from Albany Public Library. The kit contains an instruction guide, survey, worksheet, Power-Mate unit, Power-Mate user manual, Energy Smart thermometer, Digit Sport timer and Energy Smart 'Orient your home' pamphlet.

Reserve a kit on the library catalogue here

Graphic of items that can be recycled at the library: batteries, CDs & DVDs, spectacles, stamps, mobile devices, and stationery

Library Recycling Station

The library has it's own recycling station to make it more convenient for visitors to drop off

 their recycling at a location in town. The library recycling station can accept the following items:

  1. Batteries
  2. CD/DVD discs
  3. Reading or Sunglasses
  4. Stamps
  5. Mobile Phones/Tablets
  6. Stationery Items for Give Right

The Library is also a supporter of the local Boomerang Bags initiative and can take donations of sewn bags or fabric. Pre-cut Boomerang Bag sewing packs can also be collected from the Library.

Want more info about Waste and Sustainability? Head to the City of Albany website

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

Want to save on your energy bills? Heat loss in a building from air leakage through chimneys, wall vents or badly sealed doorways can contribute significantly to your overall energy consumption.

Library members can now borrow a Thermal Imaging Camera - for free!

Infrared cameras can help detect energy loss through air leaks, insufficient insulation, water damage on roofs and other building defects that mean the building is not as energy efficient as it could be.

Please note, Thermal Camera Loan Agreement Terms and Conditions must be read carefully, signed and returned to a Library staff member before this camera can be loaned.

Check availability and reserve the camera here