Children's Book Week Poster Competition

Published on Tuesday, 28 May 2024 at 4:20:00 PM

📚✏️ Calling all creative kids! 🎨🌟
Get ready to unleash your imagination because the Book Week Poster Competition is here!  Whether you're in Kindy or Year 6, this is your chance to shine and show off your artistic skills.

Design an A3 sized poster that celebrates the magic of books, the joy of reading, and the adventure of storytelling. 
Let your creativity run wild as you create a masterpiece that will inspire others to dive into the magical world of reading. And guess what?  The best part is, you could win a Lenovo Tablet! This competition open on Friday 31 May 2024 and ends Friday 9 August 2024 at 1pm.  

So grab your colored pencils, markers, or whatever art supplies you fancy, and start brainstorming ideas for your poster.

Download the Reading is Magic Poster Competition here.

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