Community Languages

While a large amount of our collection is English, part of our commitment to our community includes the development of our Community Languages (also known as Language Other Than English (LOTE) Collection.

Community Language items are collected and provided through public libraries to support literacy and learning for and about:

  • Our patrons whose first language is not English.
  • Our patrons with an interest in reading material in another language.
  • Western Australian Indigenous people.

List of current languages held:

Arabic Maltese
Bosnian Norwegian
Chinese Polish
Croation Portuguese
Czech Romanian
Danish Russian
Dutch Serbian
Farsi Sinhalese
French Spanish
German  Swedish
Greek Tagalog
Hungarian Tamil
Indonesian Thai
Italian Turkish
Japanese Ukranian
Korean Urdu
Khmer Vietnamese

Community Language collection items are available for loan under the same terms as other items in the Library.

If you have any questions about these collections, please contact us. We welcome any suggestions from the public as to their needs and requirements for material in their native languages

Albany Public Library members are also able to access Language Learning resources online. You can access this eResource here.